The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ (PCANZ) gathers in General Assembly every 2 years. It is a significant ‘identity forming’ event in the life of our church.

The Book of Order states that the primary purposes and functions of GA are to:

    • Worship God
    • Resource our life, worship and spirituality
    • Attend to judicial, administrative and legislative matters

At GA21 we are focusing on my intergenerational theme:

Empowering Generations

A church where all generations are empowered

‘Hangaa e te Atua nga whakapaparanga mo nga wa e heke mai nei’

‘Build, O God, generations for the times that are coming’

 We are a people who have been nurtured in our faith by this church.

As the majority of Presbyterians in Aotearoa New Zealand age, there is a widespread desire to reach out and empower the younger generations. The challenge is to find ways to do this. We would like to share a vision whereby the older generation is empowered to effectively connect with the younger generation so that they in turn are empowered in their faith, life and impact in our nation. 

The Local Arrangements Committee want to deliver all of this in a loving way. They have a vision for General Assembly that is accessible, inclusive and enjoyable.

Yours in Christ,