The ‘White Book’ will be published in September. An electronic copy of the White Book will be emailed out to all registered Commissioners. The papers that form the White Book are the working papers of the 2021 General Assembly. They are not officially part of our decision-making until they are agreed to at the Assembly.  We would strongly urge Commissioners to consider the environment and use an electronic version of the White Book while you are attending Assembly.

If you require a printed copy of the White Book, please let us know when you register. There will be a $20 charge for printing as well as a $5 courier charge to courier it to you.

Download the White Book

To download the White Book, you will need to enter the password you were emailed in early September by the Assembly Administrator. (If you didn’t receive an email, please email Phil King and the details will be resent to you.)

Late papers and supplementary information will be available upon entering the password you were issued

The Assembly venue has free WIFI access so we encourage you to use your tablet or laptop during Assembly if you don’t need the full printed version. (It would save time to download the document to your preferred GA device). This will help us to save on printing and postage costs and will assist us also in reducing waste and caring for creation. Multi-boxes will be provided on the tables for those who need to “plug in”.

For those who are unable to attend Assembly, links to Assembly News and media releases will be posted during GA on the Presbyterian Church website. To sign up for email updates of Assembly News please see here to subscribe from the 2nd August. 

Assembly papers are intended for Commissioners only and must not be distributed to other parties, including the media. All media enquiries should be referred to Communications either by phone 027 455 0098 or via email.