‘GA21 – Not just business … 

General Assembly is much more than a matter of doing business. It is such a great opportunity every couple of years to gather as a national church. These gatherings are identity forming and culture forging for us. These things will find expression in a number of ways.

We will worship together. Our opening service at 7pm on Wednesday the 29th September will be proceeded by a powhiri. There will be special guests there from the city and the wider church. We will change moderators and open Assembly in the context of worship. And our closing service is on World Communion Sunday – some of the other churches in the Christchurch area will join us as we celebrate the PCANZ as part of a world movement of worship. And each day we will begin with worship and devotions. 

We will learn together. There is a great Minister’s Training Day planned for Wednesday 29th. You can register for this on the GA website if you have not already. At GA proper we will ponder the theme of intergenerational connection in ways that will equip us for the future. Key-note speakers James Beck from the Parenting Centre and Dr Theresa Cho from St Johns Presbyterian Church in San Francisco will entertain us, provoke us and inspire us around this topic. And a panel discussion on Thursday night led by Gordon Fitch from Presbyterian Youth Ministries will delve into the issues our youth leaders are encountering with our young people. After lunch on Saturday there will be breakout groups around creation care. You will have chance to plant trees, make art out of recycled materials, reflect theologically or be equipped in practical terms in the area of creation care. When you arrive at the registration desk at GA you will be asked to choose from one of these options. 

We will play together. On the Friday night we will have a quiz lead by Matt Chamberlin from Presbyterian Youth Ministries and Russell Garrett from Church Property Trustees. After GA on the Sunday afternoon there will be chance to play golf at a Moderator’s golf tournament – you can register for this on the GA webpage as well. 

And the GA will provide lots of opportunities for connection and fellowship, something that many of us just love about this chance to gather! 

Registration Information 

Registrations open at 2pm on Wednesday September 29th in the Senior College Common Room. Commissioners arriving early and staying onsite can leave their luggage here until registration is open and their accommodation is available. 


Please let us know prior to arrival if you have mobility issues as the hostel accommodation does not have lifts. Assistance will be provided to help with carrying luggage to your room. 

Airport Shuttle information. 

Information about where to meet your shuttle driver on arrival at Christchurch airport on Wednesday 29th will be sent later. 

Return shuttles on Sunday October 3rd 

Some have booked early flights on Sunday. Please note that Assembly shuttles will only be available following the conclusion of the closing worship service which begins at 11am. Commissioners needing to leave prior to that will need to independently book and pay for their own shuttle. 

Meal Information 

No lunch provided on Wednesday 

Please note there is no lunch provided on Wednesday. 

Wednesday Evening Dinner 

Please check if you are unsure whether you are registered for dinner on Wednesday night. There is a separate section on the website for this which some have missed on their registration form. This may be because you are dining elsewhere. But if you intend to have dinner on Wednesday night and are not sure if you selected this on your registration, contact Assembly Coordinator Phil King to be added to the list 


Pease note that breakfast at St. Andrew’s College is only available for those staying on-site. 

The White Book 

The White Book will be available in September. This will be accessed by a password emailed to commissioners. Please note that Observers do not receive this password as the White Book is intended for commissioners only. 

Bring Devices 

A reminder to bring laptops or device that will allow you access the White Book throughout Assembly. You will be provided with a wifi code when you have registered. 

Wednesday Evening Arrangements 

St. Andrew’s College Car Park 

On Wednesday evening, the St. Andrew’s College Car Park will be reserved for Assembly staff, Local Arrangements team members and invited guests. 

Powhiri and opening service 

Please be registered and seated in the chapel at 6.45pm ready for a 7pm start. 

Guests on Wednesday night 

Guests and locals are welcome to attend the powhiri and opening service for the installation of the Moderator. If guests would like to be there for dinner they must register for this on the website. Supper will be served at 9pm following the service. 

Covid-19 Alert levels – will Assembly go online? 

We are closely monitoring the situation regarding the Covid-19 risk and GA. Any decision and announcements regarding holding GA21 electronically* will be made in response to developing circumstances. 

*Earlier this year, the Emergency Assembly approved and adopted ad interim that, “In exceptional circumstances where it is impractical to hold General Assembly with participants in person, the Council of Assembly may determine that a General Assembly be held by electronic means.” 

For questions or information about General Assembly Contact:

Local Arrangements Committee Convenor

David Coster
Assembly Coordinator

Phil King

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