If you are having trouble with registrations or navigating the site please contact the Assembly Coordinator Phil King via email in the first instance. Alternatively, he can be reached by phone on 0212506467

GA21 Local Arrangements Committee

Local Arrangements Convenor
Assembly Coordinator

David Coster


Phil King


Moderator and Moderator Elect

Moderator Elect

Rev Hamish Galloway
The Moderator for the General Assembly 2021 will be the current Moderator-Designate, the Rev. Hamish Galloway, who will be installed as Moderator in the opening worship service on the 29th September.

Assembly Business Workgroup

Rev Alistair McBride

Business Workgroup Convenor 

Council of Assembly

Wayne Matheson

Assembly Executive Secretary & Assembly Clerk

Media Enquiries

Angela Singer

Communications Director
027 455 0098