What to Expect from GA 2021 Online:

Broadcasting live from Hope Presbyterian we are producing a multicamera feed of the Worship and the Top Table for business sessions. This is then fed into Zoom and this Feed will be Spotlighted for everyone. This means it will have prominence on your Zoom Display. As speakers are invited to speak / present reports / etc, they too will be spotlighted.

Speaking During Assembly

Generally, all Commissioners will be muted. If you wish to speak to a motion, please use the raise hand’s function.

How To Raise Your Hand as a Participant in Zoom on Mac or PC

1. During a meeting, click on the icon labeled “Reactions” in the toolbar on the bottom center of your screen.

2. As a participant, a new window should pop out on your screen after clicking “Reaction”. At the bottom of it (bottom right of the screen), you should see the button labeled “Raise Hand.”

Note: Click “Raise Hand” at the bottom of the emoji list.

3. You’ll know your hand is raised as a participant when you see an emoji hand on the screen next to your name.

On the participant listing, you “Raised Hand” will be signified by the emoji hand.

This also elevates your position in the Zoom Display to the top. The Moderator and Tech support are monitoring this.

Just because you have raised your hand, the moderator may not choose to invite you to speak.


If you are raising a Point of Order please Raise Your Hand and in addition send a chat message to the Tech Lead. This will then allow us to ensure that your request to hear a Point of Order is heard.

4. 4. Lower your hand by clicking the same “Raise hand” button on the screen as before, which now says “Lower Hand.”

How To Raise Your Hand as a Zoom Participant on iPhone or Android Mobile Device

1. During a meeting on the Zoom iPhone or Android mobile app, click on the three horizontal dots, labeled “More”. Located in the toolbar in the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. In the pop-up at the bottom of your screen, tap “Raise Hand.”

You will know your hand is raised when the hand emoji appears on screen.

Note: In the top right corner of the screen, you should see the hand emoji, which means your hand is raised as a participant.

3. When you have finished your discussion and are ready to lower your hand, go back to the “More” menu (seen in step 2). You will notice that the text on the screen has now switched to say “Lower Hand”. Click it.

Click on the same top button in “More” to lower your hand.

How To Raise Hand in Zoom Dial-In Calls.

To join a Zoom meeting by dialing in with a phone number, the steps to raise your hand are a bit different.

Once you join the meeting, dial *9 on your phone’s dial pad to raise your hand, and do the same to lower your hand.

Once you have raised a hand and the Moderator has asked for your contribution you will be invited through Zoom to un mute your microphone.

Using the “Chat” Feature

Zoom gives participants the ability to make comments via its chat feature. We have locked the chat feature so you can only message the Tech Lead. Please use the chat feature if you wish to highlight the fact that you are making a point of order or if you are in need of some technical assistance.