A Ministers’ Resourcing Day will be held on Wednesday 29th September, in the St Andrews College Centennial Chapel prior to the start of General Assembly.

The theme for the day will be “Refreshing the Ministerial Soul” and the day will run from 9.30am – 4.30pm.

The registration fee for this event has been set at $10 due to the generous sponsorship grants from PDS and the KMCL Ministers Life-long Learning Fund.

The Programme

9.30am Opening Devotions – Hamish Galloway with Darryl Tempero and Esther Sabey
10am-10:30am Keynote 1: Nikki Watkin
10:30am-10:45am Respondent: Jordan Redding
10:45am - 11am Small group discussion
11am - 11:15am Morning Tea
11:15am - 11:45am Keynote 2: Geoff New
11:45am - 12pm Respondent: Fakaofo Kaio
12pm - 12:15pm Small group discussion
12:15pm - 1pm Lunch
1pm - 2pm Workshop 1
2pm - 2:15pm Afternoon tea
2:15pm - 3:15pm Workshop 2
3:15pm Final reflection and wrap-up (Robin Humphries)
3:30pm Wine and cheese

Workshop Options

Martin Visser: Millennials and the Survival of the Church
Dr Rod Galloway: Building Resilience in Ministry
Tamiana and Honey Thrupp: Maintaining Motivation

 A workshop that will provide opportunity to interact with 

David John Seel’s 2018 book The New Copernicans. Seel calls us ‘to listen to the haunted spiritual longings of the millennials and their intuitive, holistic way of experiencing God.’

Martin is a psychologist with an interest in engaging with the existential quest of the younger generation.

 A workshop that provides insights and tools for building resilience. Rod has many years of experience as a primary school principal. He presently chairs the University of Otago’s Human Ethics committee and is engaged in a longitudinal research project investigating  student anxiety and resilience. 

Tamiana and Honey work in a community garden ministry called Heart Strings in Taneatua. Tamiana has been the Amorangi for the Waimana Pastorate for the past 9 years. The garden ministry reaches a community surrounded by poverty, abuse, drugs, alcohol and gangs. They have valuable insights into the kind of things needed to keep faith and motivation in the most difficult of situations. 

James Beck: The Social Dilemma
Anne Shave: That Gap in the Middle - Spirituality in Midlife

 Exploring the way to navigate an age so dominated by social media, algorithms, fake news and conspiracy theories. James Beck is the Content Director for the Parenting Place. Before that he worked for Attitude and was the manager of the team of lively presenters. With passion and his quirky sense of humour, he has delivered presentations to over 200,000 people nationwide, helping them make better choices around drugs and alcohol, sex, depression, youth suicide, technology, social media and getting on with their family.

 For many people, midlife is a period of significant change. It is also a time of life during which reflection on values, aspirations and beliefs frequently occurs. Midlife has the potential to be a time of rich discovery, exploration and spiritual growth, yet the experiences of people in this stage of life are often overlooked in the church. In this workshop we take time to attend to the experiences of people in midlife and to explore ways that churches might be more intentional in their support of churchgoers in this life stage.

Anne completed her doctorate in Theology through the University of Otago, in 2017. Her research was based on interviews with churchgoers, clergy and spiritual directors, explored the need and experiences of Christians in midlife.